Mikhail Yampolsky. Memorization of Holocaust as the Monument to Subjectivity

Theodor Adorno secured to Auschwitz a special place in the Holocaust memorization and connected it with the failure of Hegel subject. In his opinion, Auschwitz crystallizes in itself the inability of a subject to connect the universal with the individual. The report examines the reasons for Auschwitz turning out to be the ideal place for memorization of Hegel subjectivity crisis, as well as the latest transfer of emphasis from this concentration camp to numerous forgotten execution places from which nothing was left. A shift from one type of subjectivity to another takes place. It is not the retained memory and the traces of the past that are placed in the centre of memorization, but the fact of oblivion and unconsciousness. Any memorization place, eventually, turns out to be not only the monument to what happened, but also to that form of subjectivity that is dominating today.