Oleg Pachenkov (European University at St. Petersburg)

Oleg Pachenkov – social scientist, Ph.D., the researcher with 15 years experience in implementation of projects in Russia and Europe. Coordinator of the research direction «Urban Studies» in the Centre for Independent Social Research, Director of the Centre for Applied Research at European University in St.Petersburg. The spheres of interest include urban studies, urban space, public space, creative industries/clusters in the cities. The author of more than thirty scientific publications in Russian, English and German, including: O. Pachenkov (2012) Urban public space in the face of modern challenges: mobility and “abuse of publicity”. New Literary Observer, №17, 2012; Pachenkov O. (2011) Every City Has the Flea Market it Deserves: The Phenomenon of Urban Flea Markets in St. Petersburg. In: Urban Spaces after Socialism. Ethnographies of Public Places in Eurasian Cities. Edited by: T. Darieva, W. Kaschuba and M. Krebs. University of Chicago Press, Campus Verlag. The editor of four collections of articles in Russian and English, including : Urban public space in the context of mobility and aestheticization. Oleg Pachenkov (ed.). Frankfurt a. M.: Peter Lang Verlag (forthcoming in 2013).