Mikhail Yampolsky (New York University, USA)

Historian and theorist of art and culture, philosopher, film critic and philologist. Professor at New York University, Doctor of Arts. Before moving to America, he worked at the Research Institute of Motion Picture Arts and Institute of Philosophy. Area of Interest: cinema, history and theory of visual representation. Author of numerous publications, among them — a number of books published in the "New Literary Observer": "The Demon and the labyrinth. Diagrams, deformation, mimesis" (1996), "Forgetfulness as a source. Reading Harms" (1998), "On the Close. Essays of non-mimetic vision" (2001), "Physiology of the symbolic. Return of Leviathan: Political Theology, representation of power and the end of the Old Regime" (2004), "Language — body — case: Cinema and search for the meaning" (2004), "Weaver and visionary. Essays on the history of representation, or On the material and ideal in Culture" (2007), "Through Dark Glass: 20 chapters on uncertainty" (2010).