Abram Reitblat ("New Literary Observer", Moscow)

Sociologist of literature, Ph.D. in pedagogics (1982). Worked at the Department of Sociology of reading and libraries of Lenin RSL (1975–2002). From 1994 to present head of the department of bibliography in the "New Literary Observer". Also leads the "Russian memoirs" and "Cinema Texts" series in the same publishing house. Head of the Department of Rare Books of the Russian State Art Library. Author of books: "How Pushkin became a genius: Historical and sociological essays on book culture of the Pushkin era" (NLO, 2001), "From Bova to Balmont and other works on the historical sociology of Russian literature" (NLO, 2009), "Writing across: Articles of biography, sociology and history of literature "(NLO, 2014). Compiled and commented on the collection "Vidocq Figlyarin Letters and undercover notes by F.V. Bulgarin in Department III" (NLO, 1998) and other books.