Nikita Sokolov ("Otechestvennye Zapiski", Moscow)

Historian and publicist, Ph.D. in history, an expert on the issues of social consciousness. In different years — Editor of "Itogi" (1996–2002), "Ezhenedelny Zhurnal" (2002–2003), "Otechestvennye Zapiski» (2003-2009), "The New Times" (2009) and "Vokrug Sveta" (2009–2012). Co-author of the book "Choosing your history. "Forks" in the way of Russia from Rurik to oligarchs" (2006). Scientific editor of a book of memoirs of V.I. Gurko "Traits and silhouettes of the past: The Government and the public during the reign of Nicholas II, described by a contemporary" (NLO, 2000), as well as "Russian History Textbook" by S.F. Platonov. Research interests: History of Russia of XIX century, Russian liberalism, Russian public organizations, uplift activities of Russian societies, historical anthropology.