Konstantin Bogdanov (Pushkin House, St Petersburg)

Anthropologist and philologist. Leading researcher at the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House). Graduate of the Department of Classical Philology of Leningrad State University, Ph.D. Authored numerous articles and books on Russian folklore, rhetoric and history of science and humanities, including: “Homo tacens. Essays on the anthropology of Silence” (1998); “Everyday life and mythology. Studies of folk reality semiotics” (2001); “Doctors, patients, readers. Pathographic texts of Russian culture in the 18–19 centuries” (2005); “On crocodiles in Russia. Sketches from the history of borrowing and exoticisms” (NLO, 2006), “Vox Populi. Folkloric genres of Soviet culture” (NLO, 2009), “From the History of blots. Philological observation” (NLO, 2012) and “The weather in Russian history and other stories” (NLO, 2014).