Alexei Levinson. Preparing for Freedom

Today’s reality in Russia has a lot in common with the reality of 1960s–1980s in the USSR in the fact that some minority finds itself being in a direct opposition to the regime. The regime (similarly to the past) takes measures against this minority by using its formal institutions (from media to punitive). However, the minority is using new non-institutionalized methods or means of informal institutions (various forms of collective actions on the internet). One of the most clearly formulated targets of the minority is to gain access to formally institutionalized means via parliamentary elections. Other targets aren’t specified.

Other significant difference: the minority of 1960–80s formulated a comprehensive platform of democratic values and aims. It passed it to the big society when such an opportunity occurred in 1985–1991. Today’s minority doesn’t create a comprehensive platform. Work on the ways of further (after this regime) development of the country is not being led. However, as it is taught by those who surpassed us, “one should be preparing for freedom now.”