Avishai Margalit

PhD, Schulman Professor Emeritus of Philosophy (Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Awards: The Spinozalens Prize, 2001; E.M.E.T. Prize, 2007; Israel Prize in Philosophy, 2010; Ernst Bloch Prize, 2012. Author of The Decent Society (Harvard University Press, 1996), The Ethics of Memory (Harvard University Press, 2002), On Compromise And Rotten Compromises (Princeton University Press, 2010), On Betrayal (Harvard University Press, 2017) and other books.

Visiting Scholar: Harvard University, 1974–75; Oxford University, 1979–80, 1990; Free University, Berlin, 1984–85; Max Planck Institute, Berlin, 1984–85; Rockefeller Fellow, Center for Human Values, Princeton University, 1995–96; George F. Kennan Prof., Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, since 2006. Member of Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities since 2011.