João Cardoso Rosas

PhD in Political Theory, European University Institute. Associate Professor in the Philosophy Department of the University of Minho and recurrent Visiting Professor in the Portuguese Catholic University, in Lisbon. He also was Michael Teague Visiting Professor in Brown University (2001) and Visiting Research Fellow in the University of Oxford (2008). In the University of Minho, he is Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities and he teaches in the areas of Ethics, Political Philosophy and the Philosophy of Human Rights. He also coordinates the research group in Political Theory, which he established back in 2008 (see His most recent books include: with Roberto Merrill (eds.), Ética, Democracia e Tecnologia [Ethics, Democracy and Technology], Braga, Húmus, 2010; Concepções da Justiça [Conceptions of Justice], Lisboa, Edições 70, 2011; Futuro Indefinido: Ensaios de Filosofia Política [Indefinite Future: Essays in Political Philosophy], Braga, Húmus, 2012; with Rita Ferreira (eds.), Ideologias Políticas Contemporâneas: Mudanças e Permanências [Contemporary Political Ideologies: Change and Permanence], Coimbra, Almedina, 2013; with Rita Ferreira (eds.), Left and Right: The Great Dichotomy Revisited, Newcastle, 2013; (ed.), New Directions in the Philosophy of Human Rights, Braga, 2014. He is President of the Portuguese Philosophical Society, based in Lisbon.