June 2


Keynote speaker: 

Professor Homi K. Bhabha (Mahindra Humanities Center, Harvard University, USA). Dignity in Extremis: Migration, Death, and the Risk of Survival



Session 1.  Dignity As a Historical and Philosophical Concept

Chair and commentator: Irina Prokhorova

(the New Literary Observer)


Igor E. Surikov (Institute of World History of RAS, Moscow). Concepts of Dignity in Ancient Greek and Latin Languages: Birth of the Category in Two Ancient European Civilizations


Konstantin Bandurovskiy (RANEPA, Moscow). Concept of Dignity in the Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas


Akopyan Ovanes (University of Warwick, Centre for the Study of the Renaissance, UK). Pico’s Oration: Not on the Dignity of Man?


Sergey Ivanov (NRU Higher School of Economics, Moscow; SPbSU). Did Byzanthium Have a Concept of Human Dignity?



Session 2. Dignity and Discursive Practices

Chair and commentator: Nikolay Vakhtin (European University at St. Petersburg)


Elena Marasinova (Institute of Russian history, RAS; HRU Higher School of Economics, Moscow). Concept of Public Dishonour in 18th Century Russia


Vladislav Rjeoutski (Deutsches Historisches Institut Moskau, Moscow). Dignity, National Pride and Language: an Exploration into the Culture of the Russian Elites in the Eighteenth Century


Tatiana Venediktova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow). Individual Dignity in the Court of “Ruthless Democracy”: The Case of Herman Melville


Andrey Zaostrovtsev (European University at St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg). Bourgeois Dignity as the Source of Economic Growth: Deirdre McCloskey's Vision


June 3


Keynote speaker:

Professor Avishai Margalit (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Manipulation and Dignity


Session 3.  Dignity As a Historical and Philosophical Concept (continuation)

Chair and commentator: Irina Prokhorova

(the New Literary Observer)


Session 4. Dignity in the Islamicate World

Chair and commentator: Alfrid Bustanov (European University at St. Petersburg, Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Andrey Desnitskiy (Institute of Oriental Studies of RAS, Moscow). Biblical Origin of Human Dignity


Evgeniya Nikitenko (IOCS RSUH, School of Advanced Studies in Humanities, RANEPA, Moscow). Assaulting Dignity and Admiring Self-restraint: Dignity in Early Modern Persian Texts

Mikhail Nemtsev (GEFTER.RU, Moscow). Dignity and Vulnerability: Some Remarks About the Theory of Gaymon Bennett

Ilshat Saetov (Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS, Moscow). “Don't Interfere in Our Bedrooms”: Offended Turkish Citizens and Gezi Protests in 2013

Rosas Joao Cardoso (University of Minho, Portugal). A Political Conception of Dignity - in Connection with Human Rights

Diliara Brileva (Kazan Federal University, Kazan). From [Self]Humiliation to Dignity: the Discourse of the Muslim Tatars of the Russian Empire of the Early Twentieth Century (As Covered by the Journal “Shura” (1908–1917))

Elvis Imafidon (Johannesburg Institute of Advanced Studies, SA). Ontological and Ethical Inhibitions to the Dignity of Other



Session 5.  Dignity and Discursive Practices (continuation)

Chair and commentator: Nikolay Poselyagin (the New Literary Observer)


Session 6. Political and National Aspects of Dignity

Chair and commentator: Tatiana Weiser

(the New Literary Observer)

Svetlana Stephenson (London Metropolitan University, UK). Dictatorship of Feelings

Hermann Aubié (Aston University, UK). The Politics of Dignity in Twenty-First Century China

Xenia Cherkaev (NRU Higher School of Economics SPB, St. Petersburg). From “the Ignoble Cross” to “Commonly Accepted Standards”: Dignity As a Juridical Term in the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation


Julieta Gaztañaga (Argentine National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET), University of Buenos Aires, Argentina). Navigating Dignity through Political Work in Argentina

16:30–17:00 Coffee-break

Ekaterina Pravilova (Princeton University, USA). “Signs of Dignity” or “Signs of Confidence”? Paper Money and Political Discourse in Russia in the Late 18thFirst Half of the 19th Century

Jitendra Uttam (School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India). Stripping of Dignity: Political Economy of Caste-based Humiliation in India

Oleg Zhuravlev (Tyumen State University, Public Sociology Laboratory, St. Petersburg). “Dignity” As a Category of Authenticity Policy

Anna P. Ronell (University of Massachusetts, USA). Dignity and the Refugee Crises Then and Now: New Materials from Israel

Irina Rudik (Institute of Foreign Languages at Ryazan State University named for Sergei Yesenin, Ryazan). “I Did Nothing Defamatory or Casting a Shadow on the Corporation and Myself”: “Honor” and “Dignity” in the Practice of Student Corporations

Svetlana Sidorova (Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow). Stiff Upper Lip: Behavioral Code of British Colonists in India

June 4


Keynote speaker:

Professor Oleg Kharkhordin (European University at St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg). Dignity of an Individual vs. Dignity of a Group


Session 7. Dignity Through the Lens of Personal and Fictional Texts

Chair and commentator: Irina Prokhorova

(the New Literary Observer)


Session 8.  Dignity and Fashion

Chair and commentator: Lyudmila Alyabjeva

(the New Literary Observer)

Alexey Bespalov (UFU, Yekaterinburg). Male Dignity of a Female Officer: Nadezhda Durova and Gender Mode of “Honour and Dignity” in 19th Century Aristocratic Culture

Ksenia Eltsova (RSUH, The New Literary Observer, Moscow). Semiotic of Distinction: Fashion Discourse in Russian High-Quality Media (“The Kommersant” Case)

Oleg Proskurin (Emory University, USA). Offended Dignity and the Right for Terrorism (Why Pushkin Wanted to Kill the Tzar and Why He Didn’t Do It)

Linor Goralik (NRU Higher School of Economics, MSSES; Izrael). Fashion Shaming: Evaluating a Costume or Personal Insult?

Alexey Kozlov (Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, Novosibirsk). Category of Dignity in the Memoirs of Petrashevsky Circle Members

Agnès Rocamora (London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, UK). On the Dignity of Labour in the Fashion Industry: the Case of Internships



Larisa Nikiforova, Anastasia Vasiljeva (Vaganova Ballet Academy, St. Petersburg). Iconography of Dignity and Choreographic Positions in Russian Portrait Art of 18th Century

Alison Matthews David (Ryerson University, Canada). Dignity Undressed: Forced Removals of Clothing in an Age of Surveillance

Tomáš Glanc (University of Zurich, Switzerland). Animation of Dignity

Olga Vainshtein (RSUH, Moscow). Tavi Gevinson’s Pink Bow: Dignity in the Age of New Media


Session 9. Dignity Through the Lens of Personal and Fictional Texts (continuation)

Chair and commentator: Nikolay Vakhtin (European University at St. Petersburg)

Maria Onipkina (independent researcher, Chelyabinsk). Dignity As a Key Concept of Women’s Autodocumentary Texts about GULAG

Natalya Gramatchikova (Institute of history and archaeology, Ural branch of RAS, UFU, Yekaterinburg). Dignity, Pride, Trust and Ability to “Be Alive” in (Auto)biographic Texts of 1930–1940s

Aleksey Popov (V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, Simferopol; South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk). Kostya Gumankov's Incident: Interpretations of Honor and Dignity in Soviet Tourism Abroad

Vyacheslav Shulzhenko (Pyatigorsk State University, Pyatigorsk). Restoration of Dignity in Behavioral Models of Сharacters from Caucasus in Post-Soviet Literature