Serguei Oushakine. «The Grandson of a Soldier, who seized Berlin, the Son of a Soldier, who seized Kabul»: Narratives of Collapse as Rituals of Solidarity

The report is dedicated to the genre of military songs created and performed by the participants of combat operations in Afghanistan and Chechnya. «The songs sung by the heart», as they are called by the veterans help to achieve an important objective: having become a peculiar ritual they do not only form a community of performers and listeners, but also reformat and recontextualize the military experience. The researchers of literary works of «non-popular» wars’ veterans stress their characteristic feature: fragmentization of the narrative turns out to be the consequence and the reflection of military trauma that does not allow to create a connected story, a connected and non-contradictory text. By means of using the theory of trauma, the report traces a similar, but slightly different tendency: fragmentization of narratives about military experience does not only contribute to the «reduction» of the experience intensity, but also stimulates the ahistoric perception of war giving the opportunity to form new war chronologies, new genealogies and new identities.